Saturday, January 5, 2013

A hiatus is needed...

The last post I wrote was about TJ being born...that was three months ago! I swear that there are a ton of cool things going on and most of it we are getting pictures. But without the ability to post Picts right now, I feel it pointless to write about it.

Ill give a brief update on our fam before calling a hiatus until I have access to my lovely computer again.

Emmaline is doing really well with school work.  She is currently reading Nate the Great and the Big Sniff.  She learned addition and subtraction recently. I found her using subtraction to answer some addition problems...that was weird. "5 plus 6, but if I have 12 buttons and only one left, that means 5 plus 6 equals 11!" She is really interested in dancing and I can't wait to get settled so I put her in classes.

Lottie has started doing school work.  She is working on shapes and colors and tracing.  She and Gabriella wear similar sizes of clothes so she is forever getting confused and frustrated over her clothes. She is also interested in dancing but I think it's mostly because of Emmalines interest in it.  She has started into pretend play and has Emmaline really excited to have someone playing with her more on her level. And it's adorable to watch!

Gabriella is a foodie. She will eat anything and everything she can. She loves to play outside with her sisters, loves to kiss TJ, loves to smile at people. She does not like frilly clothes, mostly her dresses. She is still small enough that I can force her to wear something I want her to wear but that time is going to end soon. I think it's mostly a fabric texture thing though...

Thaddeus is doing awesome! The scar on his chest is healing nicely, just in time for his next surgery. The doctor is planning on the surgery being at the end of January, so soon! He is holding his head up so well and prefers to be sitting up while being held.  He tolerates tummy time better than the other kids ever did!

The family in general is doing okay. It's hard to be apart so much, the hotel has pretty much become home to us and we can't wait to get to Arizona and hopefully get settled for a while.  We are planning on buying a house down there, as housing prices are really good right now.

I hope you all have a good first few months of the year and hopefully I'm back in march...

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